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Watching Keiko (Morning Sumo Practice)

Notice: Cancellation Announcement

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, our practice is closed to the public. You could NOT watch our Keiko at Tokyo Arashio Beya for the time being.

Thank you

Photo We are welcoming everyone to watch our morning practice called keiko (or asa-geiko). During the keiko, rikishis (sumo wrestlers) exert themselves to the limit according to traditional practice way, and you would have so impressive impact from the solemnness.

  • When: 7:30am - around 10:00am ONLY. Almost every day, except for March, July, November, and each one week after the grand tournaments.
  • Where: Arashio-beya [PHOTO].
    • A one-minute walk from the A2 exit of Hamacho Station on the Toei Subway Shinjuku Line.
    • 2-47-2, Hama-cho Nihonbashi Chuo-ku Tokyo [Google Map]
    • You could not enter the building where our practice takes place, because so many visitor has been coming everyday, and we cannot keep your safety there. (You could only watch us through large windows along roadside.)

No reservations are needed, however an actual holding schedule of a keiko will be decided just one day before, because it depends on our rikishis' condition. If you would like to find out if practice will take place, please make a phone call between 4 and 8 pm on the previous day when you plan to visit us (We could not answer any Email inquiry about the finalised schedule).

Please note that

In watching our training, please be in compliance with the following rules:

  • No chatting,
  • No flash photography*,
  • No eating, drinking or chewing gum,
  • No entry to the building.

* When you take photos for commercial purposes, you must be permitted by Nihon Sumo Kyokai who controles every sumo wrestler's right of portrait; TEL +81-(0)3-3623-5111.

** The place of keiko is not so large as for many visitors. Only few people could watch it from the roadside through large windows [PHOTO]. However, more than about 12 people would not be here together, because the road width is narrow [PHOTO] and some large trucks are going through.

*** We could not offer Chanko (traditional daily dishes for Rikishi) for any visitors. You could enjoy it at some restaurants around Ryogoku.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us to (A reply may take a few days).

We are looking forward to seeing you here soon.

Cf. Easy sample script

This is an easy sample script in Japanese for asking on phone about a finalised keiko schedule.

  1. YOU: Moshi-Moshi (Hello.)
  2. WE (Arashio-Beya): Hi, Arashio-beya desu. (Yes, this is Arashio-beya.)
  3. YOU: Ashita Keiko Arimasu-ka? (Will keiko take place tommorow morning?)
  4. WE: Hi, Arimasu. (Yes, it will.) or
     Yeeye, Arimasen. (No, it will not.)
  5. YOU: Arigatou (Thank you.) or
     Yuck-ree Onegai shimasu. (Excuse me, please more slowly.)
  6. WE: Arigatou gozai-mashita. (Thank you so much.)

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